Building biology consultancy for Som Energia: comfort, well-being and health at Girona headquarters

Biohabita! It has carried out a building biology audit to analyze some parameters that affect the comfort, well-being and health of the workers of the Som Energia cooperative, at its headquarters in Girona.

As previous works:

  1. First, a questionnaire was carried out for all the workers in order to collect their opinions and feelings regarding the workplace.
  2. The maintenance team has been contacted to find out the type of ventilation and air conditioning installations, as well as the operating protocols.
  3. The company in charge of cleaning the space has been contacted to find out the type of products used, as well as the protocols that is followed.

Subsequently, a campaign of measurements, tests and analyzes has been carried out that has included:

  1. Measurements and tests of fields, waves and radiation, to know the state of the electro-climate and the lighting of the space.
  2. Measurements of indoor environment, particles and fibers, and formaldehyde test, to identify the quality of the environment and indoor air. The result of this analysis will be used in a work campaign on the air quality of the space that Intgarden, an environmental consultancy specializing in indoor air quality, is scheduled to carry out.


Carles Labèrnia, measurement specialist at Baubiologie, and Coopnet, cooperative of cleaning, maintenance and care services, have collaborated in carrying out the work.




View of one of the areas of the workspace

Session of presentation of the results to the workers