How does light affect us? To the 2nd ESO students of the Institut Rec Comtal de Trinitat Vella

WHAT: Workshop How does light affect us?

WHERE: Escola Institut Rec Comtal (Trinitat Vella, Barcelona)

WHEN: april 25 and 26, 2022


Biohabita! we have done 3 workshops for 2nd year ESO students at the Institut Escola Rec Comtal, in Trinitat Vella with the help of the free CIP (Council for Pedagogical Innovation) – PAE (School Activities Program) of Barcelona City Council.

What differences have we found between natural sunlight and the different lamps we can buy?

What IRC do the lights in our classroom have? Which is their color temperature? Is its intensity adequate?

Students audited the light in their classroom and learned practical guidelines and criteria for buying a light bulb.

If we vary the type of light in the same space we can go from well-being to discomfort and vice versa. With adequate light, natural or artificial, we can either increase our degree of concentration or our degree of relaxation.