What we do

We give tips so one can relate with buildings in a healthy way, taking in account the materials and technologies used in them and the individual’s customs, all in accordance with the building biology and sustainAbility principles.

We want people to live in a healthy environment so that their life and aspirations can develop in harmony with the planet.

We develop our work through 3 areas:


We advise on how to achieve this healthy environment.

How? We observe, analyse and propose the changes needed for your home, office and building to become a healthy space.

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Communication & education

We will inform you about the features that a living space must have in order to be healthy.

How? Giving talks/lectures or doing workshops to inform about the advantages of living in a healthy environment: the best place to develop your life.

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We measure the physical features which define your environment in order to evaluate their impact on health.

How? We measure radiations, air pollutants and microbiological pollutants inside the buildings under the Standard der Baubiologischen Messtechnik SBM 2015 protocol from IBN-IEB.

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