Communication & education



Our program for education, training and communication aims to expand the consciousness of the relationship between the individual’s health and the buildings environment.

Its scope is to give guidelines to enable one to develop a healthy relationship with the building’s environment, considering the materials and the technologies used within the building. The individual’s practice is key to the success of this. The founding principles are based on the building biology and sustainability objectives.

Education programm (in catalan)


The Education & Communication project is one of the three main activities of Biohabita!

Our aim is to deliver information (knowledge) about the relationship between architecture, health and sustainability by explaining some strategies so that the pupils can act (know how) in a conscious way (…) in front of the new built environmental situation which has introduced all the new materials and technologies.

The Education activities consider three different stages of the Spanish Educational System.

Most homes have environmental problems due to the choice of building materials, finishes, chemical products and the modern day technologies. These problems affect the health of the people living in the building.

The workshops identify some of these problems and correlates them to objective physical parameters. The aim here is to propose some specific strategies to minimize their impact on health.