Energy, Efficiency?… Sustainability! In the adult center Concepción Arenal

WHAT: Free CIP Programme/ Workshop: Energy, Efficiency?… Sustainability!

WHERE: CFA Concepció Arenal

WHEN: 9th november 2022


We had the opportunity to do a workshop with the students of the Adult Training Center Concepció Arenal, located in the Women’s Penitentiary Center of Barcelona-Wad Ras, in the neighborhood of Vila Olímpica del Poblenou, Barcelona.

We have been talking and answering different questions that kept coming up: What type of energy do we use?

Does it produce waste?

Does it pollute the environment?

Could we be more efficient and sustainable?

What can we as consumers do to improve some aspects?


This workshop is part of the free activities offered by the CIP (Pedagogical Innovation Council) – PAE (School Activities Program) of Barcelona City Council.