Gamification and health at Architecture Week 2021-Arquiescoles!

Biohabita! Participate in the Arquiescoles program within Architecture Week 2021.

Our aim is to introduce the health vector in the programmed activities, making the students aware that the interior spaces and the technologies that we use in them influence our well-being and health. The objective is to empower them so that they can participate critically in the improvement of the spaces in which they learn and transfer this new knowledge to their homes.

In these workshops we have introduced gamification processes so that they experience learning as a game experience. The Kahoot tool has been used to create contests in which the students have participated: learn by playing!

The schools participating in the Biohabita! are El 9 Insititut de Santa Coloma de Gramenet and the Lycée Français de Barcelone.

At El 9 Institut, and for 3rd year ESO students, the workshops have been worked on:
How does light affect us? Light and its importance in interior spaces.

Sound, noise, music … What is acoustics?

Do you know how your mobile works? Promote the healthy and socially responsible use of mobile phones.

At the Lycée Français in Barcelone the workshop Cellphone? Tablet? Tech habits!