We breathe 20 m3 of air a day … Do you know what is hidden in it? Workshop at INS Doctor Puigvert (Barcelona)

WHAT: Free CIP Programme/ Workshop: We breathe 20 m3 of air a day … Do you know what is hidden in it?

WHERE: Instituto Doctor Puigvert (secondary education)

WHEN: 22th november 2022


This morning we lead the workshop where we explain what can be found hidden in the air we breathe, with the 1st ESO students of the Institut Doctor Puigvert, in Sant Andreu, Barcelona.

Thanks to the CO2 sensor we detected that at the beginning of the session the classroom already had a concentration of almost 2000 ppm. During the workshop we had to open the windows up to 4 times to ventilate and keep the CO2 concentration within the recommended values in order to maintain attention.

We have also set 4 Petri dishes to see the concentration of spores inside the classroom, 4 students have been in charge of finding the appropriate location for the sample and its labeling when collecting it.

The last measurement was with an infrared thermometer (laser temperature gun) to obtain the temperature of various surfaces: wall, blackboard and window. In this way, it was assessed whether with the indoor temperature (air) and the relative humidity of the classroom there was a possibility of condensation and therefore of the proliferation of microorganisms at the points where this condensation occurred.

This workshop is part of the free program offered by the CIP (Pedagogical Innovation Council) – PAE (School Activities Program) of Barcelona City Council.

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