Sun, light and colour at Institut Moisès Broggi

Biohabita! is leading the process of rehabilitation and conditioning of the windows and solar protections of the façade of the Institut Moisès Broggi.

The objective is twofold. On the one hand, to improve the conditions of light, thermal and acoustic comfort in the classrooms, and on the other, to transmit a message of proactivity and energy through the color and movement of the solar protection.

The Broggi is a Magnet Center with an alliance with the MACBA, a situation that makes art a backbone of many of the academic activities with the aim of stimulating the creativity of both students and teachers and their critical capacity. Let it show!


1. Welcome light! Lighting and solar protection: take advantage of natural light but protect yourself from glare and excessive sunlight at certain hours and times of the year.

2. How cold! I can’t hear you, what are you saying! Air and sound tightness, thermal insulation.

3. Ventilation? This window does not want to open! Usability and functionality. … and transmit the energy that boils within the community of Broggi towards the city!


1. The neighbours: Sant Pau Complex and Modernism. Color as an element to blow the imagination and create suggestive views. Learning from innovative… traditions!

2. The Broggi’s logo. A garish combination of colors is already present in the institute’s logo … Nobody remembers the author of it!


The teaching community and the institute’s students have proactively participated in the design process:

a) Answering questions and expressing their opinions, all to detect the needs they had.

b) Designing and configuring the final aspect of the solar protection and natural light control system.

…and Biohabita! Socratically asking to make appear what the Broggi already carried inside!


The original windows are being replaced by new ones with better thermal, acoustic and air-tight performance, with a design that facilitates natural ventilation and the placement of vegetation on the inside.

Classrooms with insufficient natural lighting are having their windows expanded.

A system of mobile louvres for solar protection and light control is being installed … colourful!

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The process explained by the Broggi (in catalan):