BIOHABITA! Attends the Introductory course on nZEB

WHAT Introductory course on nZEB

WHERE Catalonia Institute for Energy Research (IREC)

WHEN from the 24th of October until de 30th of November


The organizations ICAEN, IREC, Leitat and CIMNE organise the 3rd introductory course on Nearly Zero Building Energy (nZEB).

Starting on 2020, all new buildings will have to be “Nearly Zero Energy Building” following the European law 2010/31/EU regarding energy efficiency in buildings. Regarding public buildings this starts 2 years before, ie. 31st December 2018.

These buildings will have a very high energy efficiency and the small amount of required energy will have to be covered by renewable energy.

BIOHABITA! has attended this course in which strategical information has been delivered in order to design this buildings (nZEB).

It is a 6 weeks training. Regulations, design strategies, building installations, renewable energy concepts and systems, energy management, etc. were the key points covered.