Grant IMPULSEM 2020

Biohabita! has received a grant within the IMPULSEM 2020 program, for the socio-economic boost of the Barcelona area, granted by the City Council, for the realization of a series of workshops under the name You know everything that happens when you talk on your mobile ?


This workshop aims to promote the practice of responsible consumption in schools, involving different actors from the educational community and the immediate environment (family, etc.) and is especially focused on the use of a product and a practice very present in the daily life of the centers: mobile telephony.


The project works on responsible consumption habits of mobile technology by adolescents in schools. Habits that too often are acquired without information, uncritically and without the possibility of opening up areas of discussion. This situation not only affects teenagers but their families. For this reason the workshop goes beyond the people for whom the project is directly intended, adolescents between 12 and 14 years old, by prompting them to transmit the new knowledge to their own families and circles of friendship, including in this way the whole of the educational community.


The project also aims to respond to an increase in mobile technology among children and adolescents as a result of the CoVid19 health crisis caused by the closure of schools and institutes and the necessity to replace face-to-face learning with virtual learning.